See Calendar


How to Display Your SeeCal Daily Wall Calendar

Hanging Instructions

Find a spot to hang your calendar where the view is unobstructed and the calendar is accessible.

Use ribbon or picture hanging wire through the holes drilled in the holder to hang your calendar on a nail or hook (not included). Note that the holes are hand-drilled so there may be some variance but they are behind the cards so are not visible.

Or use Command Hanging Strips (not included). Clean the wall surface you will hang the calendar on with rubbing alcohol to ensure a good attachment of the strips and let dry.

Before removing protective tabs, place the empty calendar holder where you want it to stick. Mark the top and side position (plumb) on the wall. Check with a level.

Then, remove the tabs and carefully attach the holder to the wall using the marks you made as a guide. Push securely on the wall. 

Place the cards in the holder in this order from back to front:

  • Day of the week cards (Mon-Sun)
  • Date (number)
  • Month
  • Year

Place extra cards behind today’s date cards for storage.

Child changes calendar card to new date